Are preferred method of filtration is a bog filter, but you need to construct these yourself. We do carry the liner and slotted pipe you would need to build one and are happy to walk you through the process.

The next best in our experience would be a waterfall filter. We carry these in eight sizes, suitable for most ponds.

Tetra Waterfall filter – good for up to 300 gallon pond

Atlantic BF1000 – up to about 500 gallons

Atlantic BF1250 – up to about 750 gallons

Atlantic BF1500 – up to about 1200 gallons

Atlantic BF1600 – Professional quality, up to about 1200 gallons

Atlantic BF1900 – Professional quality, up to about 2000 gallons

Atlantic BF2600 – Professional quality, up to about 3000 gallons

Atlantic BF3800 – Professional quality, up to about 6000 gallons

We also have both metal and plastic spillways for use with external filters or where you want a waterfall but don’t need a filter.

Atlantic home owner grade plastic spillways in 12” or 24”

Atlantic Professional grade plastic spillways in 12”, 24” or 36”

Stainless or Copper spillways for formal installations in 12”, 24”, 36”, or 48”

We have yet to find a plexiglass type formal spillway that isn’t far too maintenance intensive.

For applications where you can’t easily do either of the above we carry pressurized filter in 6 sizes, with built in UV lights. We have used these for some years now and are happy with how well they hold up, how well they work, how well they last and how easy they are to take care of. We have tried many brands over the years before settling on Pond Max.

Pond Max 750 w/ 9 watt uv – up to 300 gallon pond

Pond Max 1200 w/ 13 watt uv – up to 600 gallon pond

Pond Max 2400 w/ 18 watt uv – up to 1200 gallon pond

Pond Max 3600 w/ 24 watt uv – up to 1800 gallon pond

Pond Max 4800 w/ 36 watt uv – up to 2400 gallon pond

Pond Max 7200 w/ 55 watt uv – up to 3600 gallon pond

We are also a dealer for Aquadyne and Aqua-UV pressurized bead filters, but caution people that well these are great for water quality, they are lacking in handling water clarity issues.

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