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Hampton Roads Water Gardens Introduction to Pond Care

    Finding good pond care advice is not always easy. On-line you will find wildly conflicting advice and advice that runs from incredibly good to unbelievably stupid. Even pond books will conflict with each other on occasions.

    Our advice is firstly geared to the Hampton Roads area. We assume if you are shopping with us that you live near us. If you live in Buffalo New York, some of our advice will not apply, same if you live in Tucson Arizona. (One of the many advantages of shopping local)

    We know the local conditions and requirements and have a combined pond care experience of over 60 years. We’ve made many many mistakes in that time so that we can guide you and help you to not make them. We test every new product we carry before we sell it and we won’t carry any product that we won’t use outside, allowing us to knowledgeably answer your questions.

    There is a good deal of overlap in the topics below, but we hope that you will find they are all worth reading and useful.

                     Dawn Penman and Jeff Halvorson


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